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Cloud Computing: A pardigm shift

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is all about taking care of scalability and availability of a software application. By means of providing highest level performance and security from application architecture perspective.


There are several cloud providers in the market. The one famous and rapidly growing are Microsoft, Google and IBM.



How cloud is changing the current development ?

From developers’ perspective Cloud computing is nothing but coding and deploying an application on a shared location which may be outside of your company. The share location may be from Google, IBM,  Microsoft , TCS or other Cloud providers. The cloud internally is nothing shared infrastructure of hardware and softwares..


The cloud providers take care of the application’s ever increasing load or space requirement and automatically adjust the RAM, processing power, space which required running the application smoothly and providing good response time to the end users.



1.      We should understand that what it takes from an application point, so that we will be able to migrated it from a dedicated hosted environment to a cloud infrastructure

2.      We should be able to dig dip into application/s  which prescribe to a standard architecture at the bank to be able to size the amount of work that needs to be done before we can be deploy the application on the cloud. The amount of work will actually will be key point to choose that we will got to the Cloud or not.

3.      We should understand what it will take to architect applications that can run on the cloud in order to optimally use the cloud infrastructure

4.      We should also understand and get the result that what cloud cannot be solving (in its current form) this will make sure that we do not mess up as cloud zealots. This will keep us ready to take right decision when time demands for a cloud changes